A Word for this Week - Pastor Bill Mugnolo

Week of October 8-14, 2018: “A ‘Side’ Note” … Genesis 2:21-24

In our world today, and, sadly, in all too many church bodies, the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis are looked upon as being a collection of myths and legends. On the contrary, I very much believe that Genesis 1-11—which encompasses almost half of the Bible’s 4,000+ year timeline—is not only literal history, but also the very foundation upon which the rest of Holy Scripture is built upon. These chapters’ accounts of creation, the fall into sin, the worldwide flood in Noah’s day, and the confusion of human language at Babel are vital towards our understanding of God’s plan of salvation which is fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

An interesting “side note” in this portion of Genesis has to do with how Eve, the first woman, was created from Adam, the first man. While Adam was formed out of the dust of the ground (Genesis 2:7), Eve was formed out of Adam’s side while he had been put into a deep sleep by God (Genesis 2:21-22). Many would like to ridicule this whole incident of “Adam’s rib”, but please consider the following amazing facts:

The liver, located on the side of the human body, is the only organ where a portion of it can be removed—up to even 75% of it—and what remains has the capacity to fully regenerate itself. This “partial removal” is, by the way, how liver transplants are so often done as donor and recipient both end up growing back a full, functioning organ. Likewise, the rib—also located on the side—is the one bone in the body that can be partially broken off and then fully grow back.

Doesn’t this all appear as if God is looking to tell us all something? It’s as if He is saying, “The fact that your liver and ribs are able to grow back serves as my reminder to you as to how they first grew back in Adam after I formed Eve from his side.” And from his side would come the one who would walk by his side as “flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone” (Genesis 2:23). It was here that the Lord—despite what society, our nation, and even many church bodies say today—established marriage to be exclusively between one man, one woman, and one God (Genesis 2:24).

Yes, here our Lord—who is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8)—has spoken and does not change. Jesus—as both true God and true man—clearly affirms this teaching (Mark 10:6-9). This same Jesus Christ, like the first Adam, had His own side pierced (John 19:34). While Adam slept, his bride was made for him. As Jesus entered the sleep of death, the blood and water that flowed became the foundation for His own baptized bride of the Holy Christian Church (Revelation 22:17). May we, who are in Him, walk by His side forever!


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