December 18th, 2011 “Christmas – the Real Story.” We are absolutely amazed as to how much our Western Culture has shaped the Christmas Story we have been taught. When we investigate the Bible, many of these supposed details get changed.

Were there three Wise Men?
Did they show up with the Shepherds just after Jesus was born?
If Jesus was laid to rest in a manger, does that mean He was born in a barn?

Come and find out the real Biblical story of Christmas. This would be a great event to which to invite your friends or relatives!

Download the associated PDF/PPT files below -

Church of St Gabriel in Nazareth
Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem
Cologne Cathedral of the Wise Men
The Real Christmas Story
The Real Christmas Story & Bethlehem Today
The Star Of Bethlehem Fascinates (Article by Rick Larson)
Astonomical Calculations for the Star of Bethlehem
Shepherds' Fields in Bethlehem
Mary's Well in Nazareth
Tomb of the Virgin in Jerusalem
Rachel's Tomb near Bethlehem
Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth
First Century Bethlehem (Article by Dennis Cole)